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Universal Clutch Alignment Tool
Universal Clutch Alignment Tool
Universal Clutch Alignment Tool
Universal Clutch Alignment Tool
Universal Clutch Alignment Tool

Universal Clutch Alignment Tool

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Handy clutch first-aid!

Center and align your clutch properly before tightening it to prevent your trans from ripping itself apart and for you to have a safe and comfortable driving experience every time you hop in your car! 




When you don’t have time to go to the mechanic’s, this is an excellent tool to help you make sure that your clutch is perfectly aligned when you’re DIYing at home.


No complicated setups. Follow the instructions to center the clutch disc perfectly under the pressure plate in no time.


This is a very small tool that you can use multiple times. In fact, it is an indispensable tool in mechanic shops, there’s no reason for you to not have one in your toolbox!


  • This is compatible with cars with single plate clutches
  • Can be used for flywheel with or without pilot bearing


  1.  Place clutch plate over pressure plate on the workbench, insert tool through the center and push down
  2.  Tighten the small wheel to expand the collet which is inside the clutch plate
  3.  Tighten the funnel wheel until contact is made with the pressure plate then turn both plates over
  4.  Align both plates together by sliding them sideways until both edges are parallel, then firmly tighten the funnel shaft, holding both plates together


Material: Plastic

Color: Black

Expanding collets: 14.4mm - 21mm, 20.9mm - 29mm



2 Pcs x Sleeve Anchors 
1 Pc x Strut Sleeve

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