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SkidProtect Tire Chain
SkidProtect Tire Chain
SkidProtect Tire Chain
SkidProtect Tire Chain
SkidProtect Tire Chain
SkidProtect Tire Chain
SkidProtect Tire Chain

SkidProtect Tire Chain

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Have you encountered driving on a snowy road, where your wheels slip and can’t keep on going because of snow?

And no matter how hard you hold the steering wheel your wheels seem to be out of control? It is so dangerous and unsafe!

Drive steadily and safely on a slippery snowy road with this SkidProtect Tire Chain - the anti-skid tire chains to keep your tires steady and going on a snowy street. It doesn’t harm your wheels or the ground and there is no shaking as you drive. Usable on low temperature places and endures abrasion.

  • High Performance Anti-skid chain: This ensures a comfortable ride with less vibration and noise. It touches the ground with an alloy nail that is high in rigidity and is skid resistant. Through this, your car will get more grip and footing in any slippery situation.
  • Provides a long lasting use: Made from high-quality TPU material with high resistance to low weather conditions of up to -30°C. The anti-skid chain has alloy nails that ensure a safe and controllable driving.  It is strong, durable and gives your vehicle a maximum footing to the ground without slipping.
  • Easy Installation Process: This anti-skid chain can be installed or removed in just a few minutes without needing any tool. With the attached adjustable straps, you can simply mount and fix it into your car wheel tires. Fasten it and voila, your tire wheels are now protected from skidding.
  • Wide Range of Use: Great to use when your car wheels are stuck on snow, sand, mud, ice or when climbing and in other emergency situations. Have safe and convenient travel on and during a snowy weather condition with these SkidProtect Tire Chain on your tires.

    Product Specification:

    Material: TPU

    Color: Black/ Yellow

    Applicable tire width: 165 mm to 265mm

    Gross Weight: 340g

    Package Size: 37 x 27 x 2cm

    Package includes:

    1 x SkidProtect Tire Chain