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MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender
MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender
MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender
MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender
MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender
MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender
MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender
MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender

MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender

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Helps your kids maintain  good posture


Every experienced piano instructor recognizes the value of the proper hand and arm positioning, which can be tough for smaller piano students and can result in injury if not addressed. Meet MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender, this is an important tool for assisting young pianists in hitting the piano pedals and maintaining proper posture. This piano pedal extender enables beginners or children to comfortably touch the pedals when playing the piano without changing their posture. 



  • Adjusts to different heights. MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender helps you to change the height from 14.5 cm to 21 cm, depending on what you prefer or need, for young piano players to reach piano pedals. This assists in the development of healthy learning habits and the training of players to play with proper posture.


  • Gives your piano an elegant look. This is constructed with three polished, robust, and wear-resistant golden electroplated pedals that your kid will step on. This is made to be rust-resistant. The professional black varnished paint of the body adds an elegant touch to your kid’s piano. This will surely match every piano’s look.


  • Helps your kids maintain good posture. This is constructed to be heavy enough to keep its balance in place, weighing 16 lbs. The surface with the piano pedal adopts a sponge mat, which can effectively reduce the wear on the piano pedal, protects your piano, and also prevents slipping from your child’s feet. This encourages proper foot placement, posture, and correct techniques of placing the pedals down.


  • Lets your child play comfortably in various pianos. There's no need to be worried about playing on a new piano every time! Because of its lightweight and compact size, you can take this pedal extender with you everywhere you go. This foot pedal extender works with all types of pianos (grand, upright, console, spinet, Steinway, Kawai, Yamaha, Wurlitzer, Baldwin, Kimball, and more), and is ideal for young pianists who need to play on unfamiliar pianos, as well as instructors and students.

How to use:

  1. Adjust the height you prefer by turning the knob, placed at the side, clockwise. 
  2. When adjusted, turn the knob below each pedal so your child can step on the pedals freely. 
  3. Make sure to lock the knobs to keep your child safe and to make sure that they will not slip. 

Product Specification:

Material: Solid Hard Wood + ABS
Product Size: 48 cm x 37 cm x 25 cm
Product Weight: 16 lbs
Color: Black + Gold

Package includes:

1 x MusiKids Piano Pedal Extender