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Invisible Increased Heel Anti-Crack Socks

Invisible Increased Heel Anti-Crack Socks

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Increase your height in an instant! Wearing these invisible height-increasing socks can help you add a few inches of height without anyone noticing. It can also relief plantar fasciitis and prevent your heel from cracking.

  • Heightening Silicone Gel

The built-in silicone gel is very soft to the feet while providing an additional height from 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm. It can also improve your body posture by distributing the body weight evenly over the entire arch of the foot.

  • Anti-Crack (Foot Relief)

 The insole's U-shape design can fit your heel edge very well so as to protect your heels. It is great as a pain relief from plantar fasciitis, corns, calluses and heel bone spurs.

  • Breathable & Stretchable

The breathable cotton fabric keeps your feet dry and elastic, allowing you to move comfortably throughout the day, regardless of size.

  • Applicable To Any Shoes

It is suitable for high sleeve shoe, boots, casual shoes, sports shoes. And best to wear for meetings, appointments, weddings, speech, and any special events.

  Color: White, Black, Gray
  Insole Height: 2.5cm/ 3.5cm

  1 x Invisible Increased Heel Anti Crack Socks