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Flat Foot Arch Support Insoles

Flat Foot Arch Support Insoles

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This insole is a great foot support for everyday and relieve pain caused by Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Ball of Foot Pain, and Achilles Tendonitis. It encourages a normal development of the foot while correctly positioning the heels and arch.

Improves Foot Stability
Featuring a deep u-heel cup, and metatarsal pad support that massages and relieve foot pressure and fatigue. It can improve the foot stability and balance that allows you to walk, run, and stand-up better.

Quality Design 
It has a built-in anti-slip silicone and EVA shell that increases the effectiveness to treat Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, XO-Type Leg, Knee Valgus, Overpronation and Foot Pain.

Breathable & Sweat-Absorbent

The soft fabric reduces the heat and friction from the foot. It has a velvety breathable cover that provides a top-notch feet comfort for all day of wearing.

Free Cut (Adjustable Size)
Trim to fit if necessary. Cut along the outline that matches your original insole or use the size of your shoes. Remove existing insoles and replace with our Free Cut Flat Foot Arch Support Insoles.

Materials: EVA+BK fabric rigid PVC+GEL shock absorber

Size: S (35-40), L (41-46)

1 Pair x Free Cut Flat Foot Arch Support Insoles