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Fixed Plastic Tent Clips (10PCS/SET)
Fixed Plastic Tent Clips (10PCS/SET)
Fixed Plastic Tent Clips (10PCS/SET)
Fixed Plastic Tent Clips (10PCS/SET)
Fixed Plastic Tent Clips (10PCS/SET)
Fixed Plastic Tent Clips (10PCS/SET)

Fixed Plastic Tent Clips (10PCS/SET)

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Outdoor camping awning clamps

Provide strong anchors and secure your outdoor tent on the ground

Secure your outdoor tent and provide strong anchors on the ground by using Fixed Plastic Tent Clips. Withstand harsh weather, strong winds and prevent your tent from accumulating rain water. Simple trap camping clips with superior bite force excellent for outdoor shelters support.


  • Stay outdoors in strong tent shelters. The Fixed Plastic Tent Clip provides an instant anchor and fastens any tarpaulin fixture securely. It has screw lock design to easily loosen or tighten awning clamp clips and 0.5 inch in diameter hole to maximize the tarpaulin or fabric with ease. 
  • Don’t let your tent fly away. Keep your tent in place even under heavy rain and strong winds. The 0.5 aperture fixes the tent in place and on the ground. The clamp is made of nylon which makes it durable, windproof and waterproof. 
  • Anchor without damaging your tent. The clips are lightweight but apply strong grip pressure as you adjust the tightening ropes. The serrated bite design allows for strong clamping force without damaging the material.
  • Ideal for any outdoor activities. Use it for awnings, sails, covers, tarpaulins and temporary shelters. Perfect for outdoor camping tents, caravans, swimming pools, sailing, picnic, etc. 

Product Specifications:

Material: nylon plastic
Size: 1.18*3.14in
Color: Black
Weight: 40g
Length: approx. 3.4cm / 1.3"
Width: approx. 1.3cm / 0.5"
Height: approx. 1cm / 0.39"
Drilling Diameter: approx. 5mm / 0.19"

Package included:

10 x Fixed Plastic Tent Clips