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Cat Healthy Catnip Ball
Cat Healthy Catnip Ball
Cat Healthy Catnip Ball
Cat Healthy Catnip Ball
Cat Healthy Catnip Ball
Cat Healthy Catnip Ball
Cat Healthy Catnip Ball

Cat Healthy Catnip Ball

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All natural, edible and entertaining cat toy

Healthy, nutritious and safe Cat Healthy Catnip Ball for your beloved pet to lick and play with.  Made from 100% natural ingredients that’s edible and entertaining at the same time.  It’s a worry-free treat that also promotes your cat’s oral and digestive health. It’s something your cat will surely enjoy. 


  • 100% Safe and natural. Give your cat this exciting and tempting treat. Our Cat Healthy Catnip Ball is made from 100% dried catnip and other natural ingredients  - wood scorpion, glutinous rice, plant fiber and vitamin without additives and preservatives. 

  • Increase your cat’s energy. No more lethargy. Provide your pet something fun and exciting. This catnip ball helps boost your cat’s energy by having something to play, tease and train with. The strong catnip aroma is also very attractive that your pet will be drawn to play for hours!

  • Promote better oral health and digestion.  The natural ingredients help promote better food and vitamin absorption. This reduces digestive issues and helps soothe the stomach. Here’s a toy that your cat can easily lick and chew as it plays. It naturally helps improve oral health and removes dental plaques and tartars that cause bad breath. 

  • Keep your cat healthy. Regular training, a good supply of vitamins and good oral health makes your cat happy. Hard-pressed 100% Organic Catnip is a good stimulant to relieve stress and exercise to release pent up energy.  

Product Specifications:

Ingredients: catnip, wood scorpion, glutinous rice, plant fiber, vitamin
Product Size: 3.2 cm / 1.25 inch

Package Included:

1 x set of Cat Healthy Catnip Ball (5pcs)