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Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)
Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)

Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)

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What can be more beautiful than a Rare Color Blooming Water Lotus?
Welcome this new year with Positivity, Purity and Peace of Mind by growing this Rare Premium Lotus at home and even in your office.
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Premium Bonsai Lotus Seeds
Now you can grow different colors of beautiful Lotus Flowers indoors, outdoors and in ponds. 

The Lotus flower holds enormous symbolic weight of Purity, Peace and Eternity. It spans various thousand-year-old Eastern cultures and yet, is still considered one of the most sacred flowers today. It can bring positive energy and peace to everyone in the house and office. 

So, what is it about this mysterious blossom that people find enrapturing? Its colorful bloom is an obvious suspect, but the lotus also has a life cycle unlike any other. It starts off as a bud underwater, often in murky ponds - undeterred by its dirty environment - it grows until it emerges from the muddy waters into a beautiful blooming flower. (All humans are born into a world of suffering where they must learn to overcome difficult times to become a better person and reach spiritual enlightenment. The muddy waters represent the struggles of life, the bud of the flower represent a person that has not yet reached their full potential, and the blossoming lotus flower above the water represents someone who has achieved nirvana and let go of worldly sufferings.)

The color of the Lotus certainly affects its general meaning as well. The White and Soft Pink lotus flower from the Nelumbo family are seen as meaning Purity and Devotion. More passionately colored Pink, Lavendar, Purple, Yellow, Mint Blue Lotus flower blooms can take on a spiritual meaning of ascension, enlightenment, or rebirth. It is also a beautiful gift for anyone trying to improve their life and start good habits.


  • Sowing: Lotus seeds do not have hibernation, as long as the water temperature is above 16℃, it can be sown at any four seasons and anytime of the year. It takes about 50 to 60 days from sowing to blossoming, a little longer in autumn and spring (60 - 80 days)
  • Seed Treatment: Lotus seeds shell is hard, soak the seeds for 24 hours to soften the hard shell, then break a small little mouth on the sunken end of the seed, do not hurt the embryo, do not peel.
  • Seed germination: Immerse the seeds in water of 20 ℃ -30 ℃ for germination, put seeds indoor and change the water twice a day, it may germinate around 7-8 days. After that, put it towards the sun to have enough lighting and must make sure water doesn't dry out. It will outgrow fine root and 2 to 3 young lotus leaf after two weeks.
  • Transplanting: 2 weeks before transplanting, choose a proper bowl or pot, put in half basin of garden soil, immerse the soil with water Without fertilizer. Then, carefully transplant the seedlings into the soil, and make sure water does not drown the leaves
  • Autumn and winter management: 2-3 weeks after transplanting, fertilize the plants properly and keep it above 16℃.
  • Important: Use a sandpaper or a cutter to cut the seeds as shown below  before sowing/immersing in water.  


  • Type: Lotus Seeds
  • Quantity: 10Pcs/Pack 
  • Features: Flower Seeds, Easy to Plant, Home Garden Decor, Beautiful Color
  • Planting Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
  • Flowerpot: Excluded
  • Classification: Novel Plant
  • Function: Beautifying


  • 1 x Premium Bonsai Lotus Seeds (10 Seeds Pack)