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Adjustable Flat Foot Orthopedic Insoles

Adjustable Flat Foot Orthopedic Insoles

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This Orthopedic Insole has three level adjustment, which is innovative and provides the highest comfort and effective posture correction. They are designed to relieve and prevent foot fatigue and tension.

Customizable Arch Cushion
With the provided four arch cushion; massage, low, medium and high, customize different levels of inlays to which your feet are most comfortable with. 

Comfortable Cushion (Full Body Support)
 Unique gel sock liner and arch cushion provides stability to your feet, reducing the risk of pain and injury.  The massage pad, increased blood circulation, decrease muscle and joint pains, and relieves the feeling of cold and numbness of the extremities.

Shock Proof and Breathable
It is especially designed to distribute body weight evenly over the entire arch of the foot, which prevents the collapse of the bones of the body, reduces the load at points of special pressure. The insole features a hollow ventilation to release the sweat and moisture from the foot.

Material: EVA

1 Pair Insoles
1 Pair High Level Massage Inserts
1 Pair Medium Level Massage Inserts
1 Pair Low Level Massage Inserts
1 Pair Normal Massage Inserts
8 Pairs Velcro Tapes